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Media Buying is a method of ensuring that all of our clients' adverts appear where they want them to , where we suggest they appear and that they pay the best possible price on the market.


XO Xtreme’s media buying & media planning staff has extensive experience in media buying in local and national media in print, broadcast and online outlets. In addition to developing media strategies and buys for business-to-consumer companies, we’ve also handled many business-to-business entities.  As a result of our media buying contacts and experience, we help our clients get the most out of every advertising dollar. Our agency has done media buying & media planning in Utah and across the country.

Our XOX media buying reps purchase millions of dollars a year in local and national advertising on behalf of our clients. At XOX we’re always thinking out of the box to develop non-traditional buys and mixed campaigns.


Great media buying requires many skills; our experts navigate the media landscape, where we hone in and identify new opportunities using our fearsome negotiation abilities from many years of experience.



Media Planning & Media Buying
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